Team Development

We have a strong focus on team development and building the skills of your people using a combination of our hands-on real-world experience backed by sound theory.

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You can also click below to find out more about our team development workshops that will enable your staff to advance their skills, gain direction and get results. They are all part of what we call the RADAR program. Read more

RADAR professional development program

Designing a Presentation – How to Connect with Your Audience

Lots of people are nervous about public speaking. Being well prepared is the key way to better manage your nerves and be in control when you’re in the spotlight. Knowing what pushes your buttons can help you design a presentation with real impact. Equally important is knowing what pushes the […]

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Defensive meeting participants

Rural Leadership Programs in Australia – What’s on Offer?

Here is a brief video presentation that provides a summary of a project I recently undertook to identify leadership programs on offer across remote, rural and regional Australia. The project was initiated by the Foundation for Rural and Regional Renewal. (FRRR) In this presentation you’ll find out how projects are […]

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Why Gordon Ramsay is a Top Teacher

Why Gordon Ramsay is a Top Teacher

Gordon certainly has his critics. His frickin’ foul language can be a bit off-putting for some. Others think he’s too aggro. I think he’s got lots to teach us – especially about teams. We’ve been watching his ‘Costa del Mar Nightmares’ and loving it. I like the way we see […]

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Develop a Unique Selling Proposition

How to Develop a Clear Unique Selling Proposition

What’s so special about you? Are you in business, working within government, not for profits or corporate organisations? I can guarantee that you have two common barriers that you’ll need to overcome in connecting with your clients: 1.    The time that they have available to see the value in what […]

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Event Design Tips

Simple Event Design Tips

If you want to design effective events you need to learn how to grab and engage people! Here’s four simple tips to help you run effective events:    Be clear on the purpose of the event and make sure this guides your event design. This should also be clearly communicated […]

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Facilitating conflict in meetings

Building a skilled leadership group – Webinar

It can be difficult for community groups to maintain and foster strong leadership teams and having the right mix of suitably skilled and qualified people on committees can be a critical long-term success factor. I recently joined FRRR CEO, Alexandra Gartmann, and Victorian Community Leadership Program Secretariat, Katrina Baddely, to […]

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