Team Development

We have a strong focus on team development and building the skills of your people using a combination of our hands-on real-world experience backed by sound theory.

Scroll down to pick up some valuable team development tips.

You can also click below to find out more about our team development workshops that will enable your staff to advance their skills, gain direction and get results. They are all part of what we call the RADAR program. Read more

RADAR professional development program

Communicate to Influence

Aim of the Communicate to Influence workshop The Communicate to Influence workshop will enable your team to improve their influence through stronger self-awareness and effective communication skills. Workshop outcomes By completing the Communicate to Influence workshop, participants will be able to: Build stronger awareness of self to improve influence Understand […]

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A Successful Presentation Requires a Simple Structure

A myth that needs busting – a successful presentation is only seen on TedEx Sure, these are super-engaging with a great following. But you can easily match them through having a sound design process to develop your own successful presentation. Step 1. Begin with the end in mind Be clear […]

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How to Run a Meeting

Why you Should Pay Attention to Rural Leadership Programs

What’s to learn from Rural Leadership Programs   The environmental scan report that I undertook for the Foundation for Rural and Regional Renewal has just been released. The purpose of the report is to provide a better understanding of the program offerings and reach of rural, regional and remote leadership […]

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How to Design Effective Events

Effective Event Design – How to Get the Basics Right

Four simple tips to help you get your event design right    Be clear on the purpose of the event design and make sure this guides you throughout. This should also be clearly communicated to your target audience.     Use Adult Learning Principles to design the event activities. Remember we […]

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Presentation design – tools to know your audience

How to Design an Effective Presentation The four styles of people that will be attending your presentation and how to design to meet their needs Why you need to watch this video People within your audience will have a different behavioural style to yours. Each with a different need You […]

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Presentation Design Checklist

How to double your survey responses

Overcoming the ‘your survey sucks’ blues Let’s be clear from the start. This isn’t a theory lesson. This is based on experience, hard-earned experience! You’ll know that I’m heavily involved in the Facilitators Inner Circle, which provides fantastic (IMHO) resources who needs to run meetings and workshops. In the start-up […]

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