Team Development

We have a strong focus on team development and building the skills of your people using a combination of our hands-on real-world experience backed by sound theory.

Scroll down to pick up some valuable team development tips.

You can also click below to find out more about our team development workshops that will enable your staff to advance their skills, gain direction and get results. They are all part of what we call the RADAR program. Read more

RADAR professional development program

Team debrief model

A simple and powerful team debrief model

Using a sound team debrief model will continually build the capabilities of your staff Tapping into a group reflection or team debrief model is a smart way to help your team learn from their experiences and build their confidence through active learning. A simple and powerful model was developed by […]

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Team Awareness

As you know, it’s vital that your team members have a strong self-awareness along with a good understanding of each other. The CLICK! colours toolkit is a simple tool that produces fantastic results for your team. Andrew is an accredited CLICK! Facilitator and has used the toolkit to work with […]

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Team building

NOT another improving teamwork article

Let’s deal with the improving teamwork blister right now At last count there’s 12 zillion, 301 blogs on improving teamwork and stuff that you can get moving with. I could include a list of links to each, but your IT peeps would be even less cheerful than usual… To get […]

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Quick tips for online engagement

Five quick tips for keeping teams engaged online

Here’s some quick tips to help in keeping your teams to stay engaged online and working collaboratively. If your staff are working from home for the first time, it’s probably going to require a bit of extra effort to make sure that this is a great experience for them. Keeping […]

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Engaging senior managers

Six Tips for Engaging Senior Managers

Simple strategies for engaging senior managers You’ve probably been engaging senior managers from a young age – you just may not have realised it at the time! Remember as a kid when there was something you really wanted? Something out of the ordinary? Like an overnight stay at a friend’s […]

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Engage your target audience

How using their language helps you to engage your target audience

How to better engage your target audience, no matter what medium you’re using to connect with them. The ‘back story’ Stick with me here, and look for the clues about how to engage your target audience. Leading up to Christmas, my wife Georgie, and I recognised that we really needed […]

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