Team Development

We have a strong focus on team development and building the skills of your people using a combination of our hands-on real-world experience backed by sound theory.

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You can also click below to find out more about our team development workshops that will enable your staff to advance their skills, gain direction and get results. They are all part of what we call the RADAR program. Read more

RADAR professional development program

Get the skilks to make your meetings work every time!

Making meetings work

Scary data! Time spent in meetings has been rising by 8% to 10% annually since 2000 (Bain & Co.) with middle managers spending 21 hours a week in meetings and senior managers spending up to 28 hours per week in meetings! Research highlighted in Harvard Business Review shows that 15% […]

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Facilitating conflict in meetings

Using Alumni Programs to Generate New Clients

 Recent survey work I’ve assisted has shown that providers of Rural Leadership Programs are getting up to 30% of their new registrations via referrals from their alumni programs. The programs don’t need to be overly complex either. Examples include: Facebook pages Quarterly email updates  Networking events  Blogs I’m interested to […]

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Tomato sauce and marketing

What tomato sauce can teach you about marketing

Yep it was a moment of stunned amazement as the truth dawned. Picture the scene on Saturday night… Six year old Joel was at our kitchen bench eagerly awaiting his barbequed sausage for tea. He was excited, he was expectant, he was hungry! Then came the earth shattering question…”Do you […]

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Event Design Tips

Easy Tips for Designing Effective Events

If you want to design effective events you need to learn how to grab and engage people! Are you trying to find your way through the jungle of event design? Here’s four simple tips to help you run effective events:    Be clear on the purpose of the event and […]

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Key success factors for rural leadership programs

What Star Wars Taught me about Event Design and How it Can Help You

Is the Force Strong in You? You may know that in my other life I ‘help’ (in very loose terms) my wife to run her cafe and catering business. The cafe is popular for being a ‘second home’ for our regulars, a place that they can feel comfortable. Last year […]

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Effective promotion

Why you Need to Stand Out! Four Fab Ideas to Grab and Hold on to Your Clients

As a kid I was a rabid Aussie Rules player. I loved playing footy any chance I could get. I had dreams of playing in the local senior side and being the ‘gun’ footballer in the team. Trouble was I couldn’t kick, my handballs mostly missed the mark and I […]

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