Presentation design – tools to know your audience

How to Design an Effective Presentation

The four styles of people that will be attending your presentation and how to design to meet their needs

Why you need to watch this video

  • People within your audience will have a different behavioural style to yours. Each with a different need
  • You need to design your presentation to cater for this
  • You’ll get simple strategies to engage each style within your presentation

The four CLICK! Colours (red, green, yellow, blue) represent four key sub-personalities that make up every individual, with each of these colours representing a different aspect of our personality.

The Four Styles of People that will be attending your presentation are:Presentation Design

  • The Analyser (The Blue Card)
  • The Safe Keeper (The Green Card)
  • The Player (The Yellow Card)
  • The Carer (The Red Card)

In your presentation design you’ll need to engage each of these styles.

Importantly you need to avoid just designing the presentation for one style – yours! This is the one that you’re most familiar and comfortable with.

At the very least your presentation needs to incorporate:

  • Credibility (relevant facts and proof) – to meet the needs of the Analyser
  • Structure (moves in a logical sequence) – to meet the needs of the Safe Keeper
  • Creativity (keeping people engaged) – to meet the needs of the Player
  • A human element (connections, stories) – to meet the needs of the Carer

I’ve designed a simple checklist to assist you in your presentation design, using the CLICK! Colours Cards.

Before you even consider designing your slides, use the checklist to  identify how you’ll engage the different behavioural styles of people attending your presentation.

Think about what they’re expecting from your presentation and how they’re expecting it to be delivered. Incorporate at least one element for each style into your presentation design.

Click here for the Presentation Design Checklist



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