Using an independent facilitator to run your meeting means that you can be free to participate. You can focus on the topic at hand without being worried about keeping the meeting on track, managing different participants or being unfairly judged as having too much influence or bias on the process.

Using an independent facilitator also ensures that:

  • You have a process design that identifies a clear purpose and outcomes
  • All participants have the opportunity to contribute
  • Your assumptions are ‘tested’ through having the situation viewed from a ‘fresh perspective’
Change Management Tips

Add to your Facilitation Skills

Your Winter Facilitation Newsletter is out soon! If you’re looking to improve your skills in: Facilitation Community engagement Building teams Effective promotion ..then you’re in the right place! In your Winter Newsletter, find out about: How to double your survey response rate Measuring effectiveness of your community engagement processes Team […]

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Challenges facing facilitators

At last! The moment you’ve been waiting for…with greater theatre than a Black Caviar finish at Royal Ascot… In a moment you can hear about the results from the Global Facilitation Survey. Here’s a snapshot: Responses came primarily from Australia as well as New Zealand, South Africa, Singapore, Vietnam and […]

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Tips for dealing with difficult participants

One of the BIG questions I get asked when running the Crash Course in Facilitation is….”what are your tips for dealing with difficult participants?” Great question – and there’s usually a multi-step answer. The first step is to understand ‘difficult’. Is the participant going out of their way to be […]

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Global facilitation survey

Are you working with groups and teams? Facing challenges? It’s time to talk. This Global Facilitation Survey will bring together the key challenges that facilitators like you are facing right around the world. Please take just 11 minutes of your time to complete the survey. Once done you’ll get instant […]

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How to improve your listening

This video from Julian Treasure gives some excellent insights on how to improve your listening skills…and attitudes. Think of how you can apply (and practise) these skills to become a better facilitator! And when you do, let me know how it went – it will make a great article for […]

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Facilitation design basics

I’m here in the ever-growing Bunbury facilitating a two ultra-intensive Crash Course in Facilitation.  A useful tool in the planning of the program has been POP. Purpose – what am I here to do? Outcome – at the end of the day, what needs to have happened? Process – how […]

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