Using an independent facilitator to run your meeting means that you can be free to participate. You can focus on the topic at hand without being worried about keeping the meeting on track, managing different participants or being unfairly judged as having too much influence or bias on the process.

Using an independent facilitator also ensures that:

  • You have a process design that identifies a clear purpose and outcomes
  • All participants have the opportunity to contribute
  • Your assumptions are ‘tested’ through having the situation viewed from a ‘fresh perspective’

Facilitation resources

If you attended the Australasian Facilitation Conference in Fremantle you’ll know that the conference had a strong spirit of collaborative learning. People came only and openly shared their experiences and insights about facilitation. Now if you weren’t there – don’t fret. Several of the conference speakers have made their material […]

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Setting a Vision – a simple and effective tool to help you

As a facilitator or participant, people often believe ‘Vision statement = Hard work.’  And this can be the case. And sometimes it’s even worth thinking, “does this group really need a vision statement?”  Right now I can feel facilitation purists wanting to gag me with their flipchart paper…but let’s keep […]

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Newsletter launch

Looking for practical tips on facilitation and community engagement? My first ever newsletter has just been launched – hooray! Based largely on my own experience it’s designed to help you to improve your own facilitation and community engagement skills. Find out about: The preparation I do with a client before […]

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Act quick – secure your spot at the Australasian Facilitation Conference

Here’s some fantastic news for all facilitators… ..Yep, registrations are now open for the Australasian Facilitation Conference. By attending the conference, you’ll have endless options and strategies to apply. All you need to do is secure your place as quick as you can. Why? Well, it’s the premier professional development […]

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Facilitation across cultures

The BIG thing I love about my role is the opportunity to keep on learning! I’ve been a facilitator for 18 years or so and there’s still new things to explore. Recently I’ve been involved in a program assisting farmers across Western Australia to develop strategic plans for their business. Plenty to […]

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Providing feedback

Ever had to provide feedback to a colleague? What about a workshop participant? How did you feel at the time? If you feel a little nervous about giving feedback – don’t worry – that’s normal. The good news is that there’s a simple model that can help you to step […]

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