Month: April 2014

Key success factors for rural leadership programs

What Star Wars Taught me about Event Design and How it Can Help You

Is the Force Strong in You? You may know that in my other life I ‘help’ (in very loose terms) my wife to run her cafe and catering business. The cafe is popular for being a ‘second home’ for our regulars, a place that they can feel comfortable. Last year […]

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Effective promotion

Why you Need to Stand Out! Four Fab Ideas to Grab and Hold on to Your Clients

As a kid I was a rabid Aussie Rules player. I loved playing footy any chance I could get. I had dreams of playing in the local senior side and being the ‘gun’ footballer in the team. Trouble was I couldn’t kick, my handballs mostly missed the mark and I […]

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Four Simple Tips for Designing and Running Effective Events

It’s time to crash through the brick wall that’s blocking your event! If you need to design or run meetings, workshops, seminars, site tours or field trips as part of your role, then read on… No matter how keen and motivated you are, sometimes you’ll run into the ‘Event Brick […]

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