Team Development

We have a strong focus on team development and building the skills of your people using a combination of our hands-on real-world experience backed by sound theory.

Scroll down to pick up some valuable team development tips.

You can also click below to find out more about our team development workshops that will enable your staff to advance their skills, gain direction and get results. They are all part of what we call the RADAR program. Read more

RADAR professional development program

Community Engagement Tips

Need your community group to function more effectively?

Are you involved in a community group? Do you sometimes find it difficult to get your group members working smoothly together? Yes? Well, I have a few ‘hints’ that can help you. Find a way to first understand where everyone is coming from. Get people to talk about what they […]

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Promoting your workshop or event

No doubt you put on some fantastic workshops and amazing events. Do you sometimes wonder why more people didn’t show up? Or why some just didn’t hear about it? Or perhaps some didn’t know what it was about? Last year I faced the same dilemmas for an event that I […]

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Starting on track in 2011

After a short break enjoying sleep ins I’m ready to go in 2011. Most of us are busy in many aspects of our lives. To help me get on track in 2011 I’m setting SMART goals. I’m guessing you’ve heard of these – Specific, Measureable, Action-focused, Realisitc & Time-bound. My […]

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Saving email time

Answering all those emails becoming like a slow death? Is your neck sore & partner grumpy? Time for a change. This article by Charlie Gilkey gives some great tips – including the 5 sentence rule! Try it yourself – try it with your team – and measure the results!

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Effective meetings

Hot meeting tips

Meeting tips 1. Cut down your total meeting time – Meetings tend to fall into 2 categories – (1) to share information, and (2) to solve problems or create opportunities. If it is the first of these, consider whether the same thing can be achieved by other means (eg email […]

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