strategic planning

Five tips for gaining traction

How to get traction on your project or strategic plan

Being able to get traction on your project or strategic plan can be the fuel that keeps you moving I’m here with a ‘good’ interrupt, to give you some tools to review progress on any project or strategic plan that you may have been involved in over the last 12 […]

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Wave analysis for strategic planning

How to Make Strategic Planning an Enjoyable Experience

Making strategic planning an enjoyable experience has been a constant challenge for me When strategic planning works, I feel like I have my ideal job. You may have felt the same after a workshop when: Participants tell you how much they enjoyed their workshop You’re still feeling chuffed about how […]

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Business planning

Farm Business Planning. What’s More Important – the Journey or the Destination?

This is a summary of my recent interview with ABC Radio, talking about my take on the Farm Business Resilience (FBR) program. The interviewer wanted my perspective on the Federal Government announcement about the Future Drought Fund and its plans to spend $20 million in the first year to help […]

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