stakeholder engagement

Develop a Unique Selling Proposition

How to Develop a Clear Unique Selling Proposition

What’s so special about you? Are you in business, working within government, not for profits or corporate organisations? I can guarantee that you have two common barriers that you’ll need to overcome in connecting with your clients: 1.    The time that they have available to see the value in what […]

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Cross generational engagement

Tips for gaining cross-generational engagement

Why outdated meeting structures will turn-off a big chunk of your participants You’ve no doubt noticed an increased mix of the BIG three age groups in your meetings and workplaces. Here’s three issues that you’ll need to consider in your meeting and workshop designs from now on. Issue One The […]

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Facilitation in the workplace

Eight Tips for Managing Meeting Participants

In some meetings we get people who are keen and enthusiastic and love to express their ideas – repeatedly. It’s always good to get participation and input, we need to make sure that all people are given the opportunity to participate. Below are some ideas (generated by members of the […]

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Stakeholder Engagement in Controversial Environments

I’ve recently being working on a Stakeholder Engagement Strategy around a controversial issue that’s divided a community. In this case it’s been in partnership with an experienced collegue. This has been extremely valuable in continually checking each others assumptions. Often a key activity in an engagement process is to have […]

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