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Fast track your facilitation skills

How to fast track your facilitation skills

Here’s an easy way to fast track your facilitation skills Remember what it was like when you were learning to drive? For me it was an often nerve-racking experience (and probably more so for the person sitting next to me!). There was the mechanics of operating the car, knowing the […]

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A facilitation conference is being designed for you!

Looking for the facilitation conference in 2023? If you use facilitation in your role we have an early Christmas present just for you! And we think it’s totally fine to start unwrapping this one early… Picture a place where you can: Become 500% confident in your facilitation skills Know where […]

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Presenting naked

Nail your next presentation

What I learnt from spending almost $8,000 on a speakers boot-camp (and what it feels like to be naked in front of room full of strangers!) Have you also felt that you’d like to take your presentations to the next level? To walk away 100% confident that your message has […]

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Maintain your focus

Staying focused in facilitation – yeah, right!

The importance of knowing what’s going on around you as a facilitator Not long ago, I ran a ‘Facilitation Master Class’ for staff of a key client in Victoria. One of the topics was ‘trends and changes in facilitation.’ It was an interesting area for me to reflect on, thinking […]

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Product vs Marketing

Does Superior Product Beat Superior Marketing?

What’s your focus re product vs marketing to get results? Superior product vs marketing – what do you think works best? We’re on the My Kitchen Rules (MKR) bandwagon now, watching home cooks battle it out night after night for the chance of fame and a big chunk of cash. […]

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Focus on the things that really matter – hold a team review and planning workshop

Here’s why team review and planning is vital in the coming 22 days… We’re about to hit December and you know it is the silly season. For your team there is lots going on – school commitments, social functions, holidays to prepare for and shopping to get done. All this […]

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