How to facilitate a workshop

Improve your facilitation skills

Five ways to improve your facilitation skills

Here are five easy ways to improve your facilitations skills in May. Using facilitation in your role? Want to vastly improve your facilitation skills in just three days? Here’s the chance to immerse yourself in three days of practical skill development, connecting with people who ‘get what you do’, enabling […]

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Planning workshop sessions

Four tips for planning workshop sessions

Here are my ‘go to’ essentials for planning workshop sessions Planning workshop sessions can be challenging. Having core elements to use, along with a tried and tested template will get you off and running. 1. Be very clear of the outcomes that need to be achieved Before the workshop, when […]

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facilitating meetings with colleagues

Facilitating meetings with colleagues – managing challenges

Facilitating meetings with colleagues should ideally be a productive and straight-forward task. When this task involves people, challenges can arise… In talking with other facilitators and clients, several are finding common challenges emerging in their workplace: There are often polarised views around the table, with people feeling a bit threatened […]

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Participant introductions in meetings

Participant introductions in workshops

If you need some help with participant introductions in workshops, here are some practical tips to get you started. We’ll also cover some ideas on ground rules to maintain full participation in your workshop. Before you start participant introductions in workshops The first session of a workshop is all about […]

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Turning Points – a powerful connective and reflective process

How to use Turning Points for instructive insights I was first introduced to the Turning Points exercise by Bob Dick at an advanced facilitation workshop. In simple terms Turning Points can be used to improve trust within the team through reflection and safe disclosure. I’ve also used it as a […]

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How to Maintain Energy when Facilitating a Group

How to maintain the energy when facilitating a group online

The importance of maintaining energy when facilitating a group online ‘What are your biggest challenges in facilitating a group online?’ This was the focus of an impromptu session from a facilitation training workshop I held back in 2017. A key challenge raised by participants was, “How do we maintain the […]

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