How to design a presentation

Presentation design – tools to know your audience

How to Design an Effective Presentation The four styles of people that will be attending your presentation and how to design to meet their needs Why you need to watch this video People within your audience will have a different behavioural style to yours. Each with a different need You […]

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Designing a Presentation – How to Connect with Your Audience

Lots of people are nervous about public speaking. Being well prepared is the key way to better manage your nerves and be in control when you’re in the spotlight. Knowing what pushes your buttons can help you design a presentation with real impact. Equally important is knowing what pushes the […]

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Event Design Tips

Easy Tips for Designing Effective Events

If you want to design effective events you need to learn how to grab and engage people! Are you trying to find your way through the jungle of event design? Here’s four simple tips to help you run effective events:    Be clear on the purpose of the event and […]

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