How to design a presentation

Presenting online

Key areas to focus on when presenting online

I’ve just wrapped up a coaching project, working with clients presenting online at a national conference. We learnt a lot about the small and big differences between the live and virtual environments – here are just a few brief insights to help you when you’re next presenting online. What works […]

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grab your audience

How to grab your audience and keep them engaged

If public speaking is part of your role and you want some tips on how to grab your audience, then read on! For some of us, public speaking is a regular part of our roles and we’ve learnt to deal with it. For many of us, it’s an occasional demand […]

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What being vulnerable as a presenter really looks like

Being vulnerable as a presenter isn’t easy, but it sure is effective. And if you have a gripping story to tell that brings your world into your audience’s world, you’re going to have an impact. You can read about the lead-in to this presentation and how it feels to be […]

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Presenting naked

Nail your next presentation

What I learnt from spending almost $8,000 on a speakers boot-camp (and what it feels like to be naked in front of room full of strangers!) Have you also felt that you’d like to take your presentations to the next level? To walk away 100% confident that your message has […]

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Designing Effective Presentations

Aim of the Designing Effective Presentations workshop The Designing Effective Presentations workshop will enable your team to build their capacity and confidence to develop and deliver effective presentations. Workshop outcomes By completing the Designing Effective Presentations workshop, participants will be able to: Have a clear and structured approach to the […]

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A Successful Presentation Requires a Simple Structure

A myth that needs busting – a successful presentation is only seen on TedEx Sure, these are super-engaging with a great following. But you can easily match them through having a sound design process to develop your own successful presentation. Step 1. Begin with the end in mind Be clear […]

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