How to close a workshop

How close a workshop when there’s a plane to catch

How to close a workshop when you’re running out of time There are plenty of approaches regarding how to close a workshop and finishing a workshop on time is important to me – especially when people have to travel. At a two day planning workshop for an Emergency Services  client, […]

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Team debrief model

A simple and powerful team debrief model

Using a sound team debrief model will continually build the capabilities of your staff Tapping into a group reflection or team debrief model is a smart way to help your team learn from their experiences and build their confidence through active learning. A simple and powerful model was developed by […]

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Fast track your facilitation skills

How to fast track your facilitation skills

Here’s an easy way to fast track your facilitation skills Remember what it was like when you were learning to drive? For me it was an often nerve-racking experience (and probably more so for the person sitting next to me!). There was the mechanics of operating the car, knowing the […]

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Improve your facilitation skills

Five ways to improve your facilitation skills

Here are five easy ways to improve your facilitations skills in May. Using facilitation in your role? Want to vastly improve your facilitation skills in just three days? Here’s the chance to immerse yourself in three days of practical skill development, connecting with people who ‘get what you do’, enabling […]

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Planning workshop sessions

Four tips for planning workshop sessions

Here are my ‘go to’ essentials for planning workshop sessions Planning workshop sessions can be challenging. Having core elements to use, along with a tried and tested template will get you off and running. 1. Be very clear of the outcomes that need to be achieved Before the workshop, when […]

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Challenges in stakeholder engagement

Challenges in stakeholder engagement – six tips to help

Challenges in stakeholder engagement – six tips to help you in your next project Here are my Top Six tips for managing challenges in stakeholder engagement. These are largely based on a stakeholder engagement program with community members. This project focused on the redevelopment of a local park to include residential […]

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