engaging your clients

How do we build trust

Do people really trust you? Why?

A recent road-trip taught me that trust is at an all time low in Australia. I do a lot of my work in regional Australia. Lately I’ve been doing a heap of stakeholder interviews as part of an industry development plan. It takes a bit of a leap of faith […]

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Product vs Marketing

Does Superior Product Beat Superior Marketing?

What’s your focus re product vs marketing to get results? Superior product vs marketing – what do you think works best? We’re on the My Kitchen Rules (MKR) bandwagon now, watching home cooks battle it out night after night for the chance of fame and a big chunk of cash. […]

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Tell the Story

Why I wrote a story about a car accident

Remember our last contact? When I told you my story about being ‘first on the scene’ at a road accident? It was edge of the seat stuff – for both of us – and I promised to give you the three reasons why I shared this ‘raw’ experience with you… […]

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Customer experience

Great Customer Experience and the Simon Effect

Here are two real life examples of how a customer experience is critical to enjoyment of your product I travel a lot with my consulting work – customer experience is important to me. I have a second life in hospitality. I love good food. So I’m always on the lookout […]

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Grass Roots Marketing

Aim of the Grass Roots Marketing workshop The Grass Roots Marketing workshop will enable your team to understand the key marketing principles used in relationship building and how to apply them. Workshop outcomes By completing the Grass Roots Marketing workshop, participants will be able to: Better understand and connect with […]

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Designing Effective Events

Aim of the Designing Effective Events workshop The Designing Effective Events workshop will enable your team to have the knowledge and understanding to select and design an event that best meets the needs of their target audience. Workshop outcomes By completing the Designing Effective Events, participants will be able to: […]

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