community engagement

Dealing with ‘passionate’ community meetings

Hi folks I recently facilitated some local meetings with rural communities. A group of ‘activists’ came from outside of these communities. Their issues were often unrelated to the objectives of the meetings. They tended to dominate proceedings and locals were left frustrated about their involvement being compromised. So here’s what […]

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A simple way to engage with your ‘community’

There’s a whole host of tools, techniques and processes that we can utilise during community engagement processes. In a recent project it was my role to seek and understand the views of a diverse range of people. Farmers, environmentalists, miners, scientists, councillors and government employees. A bit of a cross-section […]

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Community Engagement

Hi folks, I had a workshop recently where the change being proposed would have a major impact on local government. I figured it would be important to get people exchanging thoughts and ideas before the workshop as well as during the workshop. So we advertised a starting time of 9.00am. […]

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