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Grab your clients with effective marketing

Marketing for Community Development and Not-for-Profit staff

Hi folks, If you’re in Sydney next week (attending the AFN conference no doubt) and want to get a simple, practical and ready to apply approach to improve your marketing and connect with your clients…read on. I’ll be running a one day workshop on Wednesday 3rd December on behalf of […]

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Build your Community Engagement Skills

Well done to the International Association of Public Participation (IAP2) for putting on another great conference in Adelaide. In case you missed it, I’d highly recommend tapping in to the resources and programs of IAP2 in the future. The video of conference highlights shows what an excellent promotional tool video […]

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Community Engagement Tips

Facilitation and Community Engagement Tips

Confessions of a MIA facilitator… I know it’s been awhile since you’ve heard from me….this may or may not have involved a kidnapping, a faked disappearance or monastic retreat – I’ll let you decide. Lame excuses aside, one thing that you can rely on is getting valuable, practical and ready […]

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Facilitation in the workplace

The value of facilitation in the workplace

Want proof of the value of facilitation in your workplace? Maybe your role is to help groups to reach consensus. Or you may be a team leader wanting a more effectively functioning team. Using simple facilitation principles and processes will help you every step of the way. This short video […]

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Change Management Tips

What is the role of a facilitator?

What is a facilitator? What is their role? These can be tough questions for the uninitiated. Try answering this at your next dinner party or barbeque! My take is ‘I help teams and group to work together and make decisions that stick.’ Recently I was put under the griller by […]

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Stakeholder mapping – a simple tool that answers many questions

I’ve just returned from running a workshop with the ‘switched-on’ people involved in the PowerHouse here in Perth. In looking at issues relating to Stakeholder Engagement, we focused on the value of Stakeholder Mapping. Doing this shows that ‘all stakeholders’ are not equal. Just think about this for a moment […]

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