community engagement

Cross generational engagement

Tips for gaining cross-generational engagement

Why outdated meeting structures will turn-off a big chunk of your participants You’ve no doubt noticed an increased mix of the BIG three age groups in your meetings and workplaces. Here’s three issues that you’ll need to consider in your meeting and workshop designs from now on. Issue One The […]

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How to Design a Successful Presentation

Planning your next meeting – get the room set up right

Here are some key insights from a breakthrough session that I recently attended at the Australasian Facilitators Network Conference, held in Sydney. The session was run by Kingsley Nowell and titled, ‘Behind the ‘Seens’ – Creating space in a sQuircle where division through fixed positions can be processed.’ I knew […]

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Key success factors for rural leadership programs

What Star Wars Taught me about Event Design and How it Can Help You

Is the Force Strong in You? You may know that in my other life I ‘help’ (in very loose terms) my wife to run her cafe and catering business. The cafe is popular for being a ‘second home’ for our regulars, a place that they can feel comfortable. Last year […]

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Facilitation in the workplace

Eight Tips for Managing Meeting Participants

In some meetings we get people who are keen and enthusiastic and love to express their ideas – repeatedly. It’s always good to get participation and input, we need to make sure that all people are given the opportunity to participate. Below are some ideas (generated by members of the […]

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Facilitation and Community Engagement Tips

Fasten your seatbelt, we’re blasting off into 2014. Now that you’re firmly into work-mode, it’s time to focus on what you really want from 2014. My recommendation is to make sure you have good resources behind you. As a starter, grab hold of your Summer 2014 Facilitation and Community Engagement […]

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Grab your clients with effective marketing

Marketing for Community Development and Not-for-Profit staff

Hi folks, If you’re in Sydney next week (attending the AFN conference no doubt) and want to get a simple, practical and ready to apply approach to improve your marketing and connect with your clients…read on. I’ll be running a one day workshop on Wednesday 3rd December on behalf of […]

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