community engagement

community engagement process

A simple community engagement process to understand stakeholder concerns

How to design a simple community engagement process to understand stakeholder concerns A case study of a proposed highway realignment through a small country town and the community engagement process used… The Williams township is located about two hours south-east of Perth, almost halfway between Perth and Albany and is […]

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seagull engagement

What a Seagull Taught Me About Stakeholder Engagement Principles

A brief insight on stakeholder engagement principles Not long after I started my consultancy business I was invited by my local town council to attend a ‘community visioning’ workshop. It taught me a lot about stakeholder engagement principles. I was interested to see how it was run from a facilitation […]

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Change Management Tips

What is the role of a facilitator?

What is a facilitator? What is their role? These can be tough questions for the uninitiated. Try answering this at your next dinner party or barbeque! My take is ‘I help teams and group to work together and make decisions that stick.’ Recently I was put under the griller by […]

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Public participation processes

Developing Rock Solid Public Participation Processes

Top tips on planning your public participation processes Getting the design of your public participation processes right is vitally important. In this article you’ll tap into the expertise of one of Australia’s most experienced local government practitioners, Leanne Hartill. A few years ago, I was lucky enough to interview Leanne. […]

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Client feedback

The importance of client feedback

How client feedback can help protect your organisation Now that many of us are getting back into flying again, I reflected on a pre-covid experience that taught me a lot about the importance of client feedback. Flying seems to trigger odd behaviours in many of us. It can also induce […]

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Western Australian Soil Health Strategy

Western Australian Soil Health Strategy Webinar

A webinar regarding the draft Western Australian Soil Health Strategy was held on the 27th January, 2021. It aimed to provide participants with a deeper understanding of the reasoning behind the draft strategy goals in order to provide feedback via the online survey. You can watch the webinar replay below. […]

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