Dyed Hair Man

Rule #53 Men, Don’t Dye your Hair

Well I reckon I’ve got that one covered… This is wonderful wisdom from Kitty Flanagan in her fantastic book, ‘488 Rules for Life’ (The Thankless Task of Being Correct.) Kitty reasons that we kind of look OK with grey anyway, so just go with it. There are three BIG reasons […]

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Clarifying questions

Why nurses ask good questions – and how you can too

At 4am on Monday morning I woke in severe pain – feeling like someone had hooked high powered jumper leads to my inner left thigh – not pretty! By daylight there was more trouble – a bright, red, burning rash spreading across my lower calf. Neither of these improved much […]

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Solutions Focus

How a Solutions Focus has Changed the Way I Work

Last year I attended the Solutions Focus Coaching Training Programme run by Janine Waldman from the UK. I signed up because the programme promised a pragmatic approach to helping individuals and teams to achieve high performance. I flew from Perth to Melbourne to be there and wasn’t disappointed. Solutions Focus […]

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