Focus on the things that really matter – hold a team review and planning workshop

Here’s why team review and planning is vital in the coming 22 days…

We’re about to hit December and you know it is the silly season.

For your team there is lots going on – school commitments, social functions, holidays to prepare for and shopping to get done.

All this can be both overwhelming and distracting – for both you and your team.

What we really need to be concentrating on

Most leaders would agree that it’s critical to keep your team focused and functioning throughout the lead-in to the festive season.

Equally important is the need to ensure they’re looking forward to what lies ahead in 2018, rather than being filled with dread at the mere thought of returning to work.

Give your team something to look forward to

This is why I’m jumping in to help you to keep your team working productively right through to the eTeam review and planningnd of the year.

I don’t want to sound like some kind of tyrant here – I just want to help you get the most from your staff.

Throughout December you’ll be able to take advantage of my half-day ‘Team Review and Planning Workshop.’

Using a range of innovative tools, activities and conversations, the workshop will help your staff to:

  • Remain focused (not restless)
  • Strengthen relationships
  • Develop clear expectations coming into 2018

All of which means you can focus on the strategic components of your own work without having to put out spot-fires throughout the month.

Team review planningEach workshop covers:

  • A review of the wins and challenges of 2017
  • Identification of turning points
  • Key insights
  • Core action plan for the first three months of 2018


As an early Christmas gift, I’m adding:

  • A summary outputs report and info-graph (valued at $150.00)
  • A 20 minute coaching session for each participant (valued at $120.00 per person – avail until 30/3/2018)

All this for only $990.00.

Let’s keep this simple

If you have just half a day in your diary between now and the 22nd December, I guarantee that I’ll get your team re-focused and re-energised.

And I’m going to make this even easier for you…

In a show of uncharacteristic generosity (and to say ‘thanks’ for your support) this is officially a complete no-brainer!

I’ll take 50% off my normal travel charges, making this super-affordable, no matter where you’re based.

Team review workshop bonusesYou need to act fast, as I expect there’s going to be a lot of leaders just like you, putting their hands up for this. And given I’m yet to develop Santa-like powers, there’ll be a limit to how many locations I can get to!

I’m capping this at 10 workshops – so you can see the need for fast action on your behalf.

  1. Download the Workshop brochure
  2. Identify your preferred workshop date
  3. Contact me on 0429 470 285 or via email we can lock it in ASAP.

PS – I’m serious about my guarantee for this workshop. You will have your team re-energised and re-focused on the things that matter, ready for 2018. In the unlikely event that it does not, they each receive unlimited 1:1 coaching sessions for the first half of 2018 – no questions asked!

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Andrew Huffer

Andrew Huffer has over 25 years experience in working with organisations, businesses, managers and communities and at a state, national and international level. He designs and delivers specialist engagement processes, with a focus on facilitating open decision making processes and skill development of clients. He has delivered presentations and workshops at a number of state, national and international conferences.

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