Using an independent facilitator to run your meeting means that you can be free to participate. You can focus on the topic at hand without being worried about keeping the meeting on track, managing different participants or being unfairly judged as having too much influence or bias on the process.

Using an independent facilitator also ensures that:

  • You have a process design that identifies a clear purpose and outcomes
  • All participants have the opportunity to contribute
  • Your assumptions are ‘tested’ through having the situation viewed from a ‘fresh perspective’
Be a Prepared in Facilitation

I wasn’t prepared for the worst – are you?

This morning I was driving back to Perth, after running a late-night community planning workshop in a small country town. It’s called Dowerin, about two hours east of Perth. I leave at 6.30am it’s a cool, breezy morning and head towards home. About 20 minutes later, I round a curve […]

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Providing feedback

A simple model to help you in providing feedback to team members

The AEIOU Model for Providing Feedback Providing feedback should occur regularly in groups or between two people, at any level of your team, group or organisation. It can be used between manager and team member; team member to team member; or manager to manager. Focusing on collaboration or a Win/Win […]

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How to Gain Agreement in Groups

How to Gain Agreement in Groups

A challenge faced by many facilitators is to gain agreement in groups. We recently explored some options to use to gain agreement in groups. Often, groups get stuck on what they disagree on and can’t move forward (e.g. in a strategic planning workshop). A strategy that was worked for me […]

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How to Maintain Energy when Facilitating a Group

How to maintain the energy when facilitating a group

The importance of maintaining energy when facilitating a group ‘What are your biggest challenges in facilitating a group?’ This was the focus of an impromptu session from a facilitation training workshop. A key challenge raised by participants was, “How do we maintain the energy of a group when facilitating – […]

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balance enthusiasm with empathy as a facilitator

Facilitator Empathy – Balancing your enthusiasm

Insights from a butcher on balancing empathy with enthusiasm when you’re a facilitator… “Don’t worry if your glass is half full or half empty, be glad you have a glass.” This is a quote from Vince Gareffa’s autobiography. A fantastic story written by a butcher from Perth who started out […]

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Facilitation training

Get Facilitation Training to Work

Making Facilitation Training Become a Culture of Facilitation in Your Workplace Margo O’Byrne and I provide our tips around the leverage points to formalise facilitation training in your workplace. These are based on the award-winning facilitation training programs we designed and delivered for Fremantle Ports. In this episode of Facilitation […]

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