Using an independent facilitator to run your meeting means that you can be free to participate. You can focus on the topic at hand without being worried about keeping the meeting on track, managing different participants or being unfairly judged as having too much influence or bias on the process.

Using an independent facilitator also ensures that:

  • You have a process design that identifies a clear purpose and outcomes
  • All participants have the opportunity to contribute
  • Your assumptions are ‘tested’ through having the situation viewed from a ‘fresh perspective’
Ideas for icebreakers

Ideas for icebreakers in meetings or workshops

If you need ideas for icebreakers for your next meeting or workshop, you’re in the right place. This compilation of ideas for icebreakers has been put together in partnership with my long-time colleagues Will Bessen and Margo O’Byrne. Activities for new groups Quick disclosure Ask participants for either a: Description […]

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facilitating meetings with colleagues

Facilitating meetings with colleagues – managing challenges

Facilitating meetings with colleagues should ideally be a productive and straight-forward task. When this task involves people, challenges can arise… In talking with other facilitators and clients, several are finding common challenges emerging in their workplace: There are often polarised views around the table, with people feeling a bit threatened […]

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Planning effective meetings

Planning effective meetings

Here’s a short guide to help you in planning effective meetings in your workplace. Facilitator and author Sam Kaner believes that there are three building blocks for planning effective meetings. Topics Outcomes Processes In Kaner’s model each topic is viewed as a separate segment of a meeting. The desired outcome […]

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Participant introductions in meetings

Participant introductions in workshops

If you need some help with participant introductions in workshops, here are some practical tips to get you started. We’ll also cover some ideas on ground rules to maintain full participation in your workshop. Before you start participant introductions in workshops The first session of a workshop is all about […]

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A facilitation conference is being designed for you!

Looking for the facilitation conference in 2023? If you use facilitation in your role we have an early Christmas present just for you! And we think it’s totally fine to start unwrapping this one early… Picture a place where you can: Become 500% confident in your facilitation skills Know where […]

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Five tips for gaining traction

How to get traction on your project or strategic plan

Being able to get traction on your project or strategic plan can be the fuel that keeps you moving I’m here with a ‘good’ interrupt, to give you some tools to review progress on any project or strategic plan that you may have been involved in over the last 12 […]

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