Facilitation TV – 5 Things You Need to Know Before Agreeing to Facilitate a Workshop

Picture this…the phone rings…you’ve just been asked to facilitate a last minute problem solving workshop…

It’s OK, breathe-in and breathe-out slowly, there’s no need to panic.

We’ve been there plenty of times and we’re actually starting to get the hang of it. It’s just like looking in your kitchen cupboard and pulling together something appetising with what you can muster up.

Check out our menu suggestions in Episode 5 of Facilitation TV. We’re keen to hear how you’ve handled this too!

Got requests for future episodes?

What questions do you have about facilitation and working with teams?

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Andrew Huffer

Andrew Huffer has over 25 years experience in working with organisations, businesses, managers and communities and at a state, national and international level. He designs and delivers specialist engagement processes, with a focus on facilitating open decision making processes and skill development of clients. He has delivered presentations and workshops at a number of state, national and international conferences.

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