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If you attended the Australasian Facilitation Conference in Fremantle you’ll know that the conference had a strong spirit of collaborative learning. People came only and openly shared their experiences and insights about facilitation.

Now if you weren’t there – don’t fret. Several of the conference speakers have made their material available. And of course I don’t want you to miss out – there’s a lot of value in this. All you need to do is go to the conference website and find the Speaker Resources section.

And while you’re there have a peek at some of the videos with conference participants sharing their learning from the conference. (More coming soon).

All I ask in return is for you to pass this on to other facilitators. And if you get value from it, leave a comment either here or on the conference blog.

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Andrew Huffer

Andrew Huffer has over 25 years experience in working with organisations, businesses, managers and communities and at a state, national and international level. He designs and delivers specialist engagement processes, with a focus on facilitating open decision making processes and skill development of clients. He has delivered presentations and workshops at a number of state, national and international conferences.

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