Community Engagement

  • Planning your community engagement strategy
  • Implementation of your community engagement strategy and events

Effective community engagement requires a planned approach that identified the key stakeholders, their needs and the benefits to them from participating in the process.

Community Engagement Tips

Facilitation and Community Engagement Tips

Confessions of a MIA facilitator… I know it’s been awhile since you’ve heard from me….this may or may not have involved a kidnapping, a faked disappearance or monastic retreat – I’ll let you decide. Lame excuses aside, one thing that you can rely on is getting valuable, practical and ready […]

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Stakeholder mapping – a simple tool that answers many questions

I’ve just returned from running a workshop with the ‘switched-on’ people involved in the PowerHouse here in Perth. In looking at issues relating to Stakeholder Engagement, we focused on the value of Stakeholder Mapping. Doing this shows that ‘all stakeholders’ are not equal. Just think about this for a moment […]

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Stakeholder Engagement in Controversial Environments

I’ve recently being working on a Stakeholder Engagement Strategy around a controversial issue that’s divided a community. In this case it’s been in partnership with an experienced collegue. This has been extremely valuable in continually checking each others assumptions. Often a key activity in an engagement process is to have […]

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Community engagement in the Health Sector

Get along to the IAP2 Australasia breakfast event in Perth on 12th Sept. There’s a Panel session on how the Health Sector is trying new ways to engage, connect and deliver services. I’m a member of IAP2 and they deliver high quality events thaty are excellent learning experiences. I also […]

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How to Improve Community Engagement

I was at the People’s Forum on Carbon Tax in Perth last night. Picture this. A room of 220 randomly chosen members of the public. The session was being televised live on Sky News. Each person wanted to ask a question of the Prime Minister, who was there for an […]

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Stakeholder engagement case study

Hi folks, I’ve just returned from an IAP2 event held here in Perth. The event provided some great insights into a complex stakeholder engagement project relating to a major road project. I undertook an independent review of the engagement process for Main Roads WA. So here’s a short presentation about […]

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