Month: June 2017

In house professional development workshops

Get your team involved in our in house professional development workshops When you’re part of the RADAR program, you’ll have unprecedented access to  a professional team whose members each have over 20 years’ experience in group facilitation and stakeholder engagement. The in-house professional development workshops have been developed and delivered […]

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Providing feedback

A simple model to help you in providing feedback to team members

The AEIOU Model for Providing Feedback Providing feedback should occur regularly in groups or between two people, at any level of your team, group or organisation. It can be used between manager and team member; team member to team member; or manager to manager. Focusing on collaboration or a Win/Win […]

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Customer experience

Great Customer Experience and the Simon Effect

Here are two real life examples of how a customer experience is critical to enjoyment of your product I travel a lot with my consulting work – customer experience is important to me. I have a second life in hospitality. I love good food. So I’m always on the lookout […]

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Grass Roots Marketing

Aim of the Grass Roots Marketing workshop The Grass Roots Marketing workshop will enable your team to understand the key marketing principles used in relationship building and how to apply them. Workshop outcomes By completing the Grass Roots Marketing workshop, participants will be able to: Better understand and connect with […]

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Designing Effective Presentations

Aim of the Designing Effective Presentations workshop The Designing Effective Presentations workshop will enable your team to build their capacity and confidence to develop and deliver effective presentations. Workshop outcomes By completing the Designing Effective Presentations workshop, participants will be able to: Have a clear and structured approach to the […]

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Communicate to Influence

Aim of the Communicate to Influence workshop The Communicate to Influence workshop will enable your team to improve their influence through stronger self-awareness and effective communication skills. Workshop outcomes By completing the Communicate to Influence workshop, participants will be able to: Build stronger awareness of self to improve influence Understand […]

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