Month: August 2015

Presentation design – tools to know your audience

How to Design an Effective Presentation The four styles of people that will be attending your presentation and how to design to meet their needs Why you need to watch this video People within your audience will have a different behavioural style to yours. Each with a different need You […]

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Change Management Tips

Simple Processes for Change Management

Change management can often seem like an endless and highly complex process. Where does it start? When does it stop? How do I do it? Having a structured approach to assist groups to deal with change is ‘your friend in a time of need.’ I asked Bevan Bessen and Margo […]

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How to Design a Successful Presentation

Meeting Design – Simple Tips to Help You When Time is Really Tight

Three simple tips to help in effective meeting design Picture this…you’ve just come out of a planning meeting with your manager or client. And you’re feeling a bit anxious, maybe even a little queezy. The good news (maybe…) is that you have their confidence. They want you to design and […]

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