Month: July 2015

meeting icebreakers

When NOT to use Meeting Icebreakers

Meeting Icebreakers – Do They Still Have a Place in Your Meetings or Workshops? Running an meeting icebreaker activity poses lots of challenges. To Break, Or Not To Break… That is the question. Well, it is for a lot of people starting out in facilitation anyway. Episode 11 of Facilitation […]

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How to run a meeting

The Future of Facilitation

“Facilitation is about participation and empowerment of people to put them in charge of what they want to do and help them put their own future in their hands.” This is a powerful definition of ‘facilitation’ by Bevan Bessen of the Facilitators Inner Circle. It rings true right now. But […]

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Presentation Design Checklist

How to double your survey responses

Overcoming the ‘your survey sucks’ blues Let’s be clear from the start. This isn’t a theory lesson. This is based on experience, hard-earned experience! You’ll know that I’m heavily involved in the Facilitators Inner Circle, which provides fantastic (IMHO) resources who needs to run meetings and workshops. In the start-up […]

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How to Run a Meeting

Need to run a meeting and want to know where to start?

Three books that every budding meeting facilitator should read. If you need to run meetings or workshops with your colleagues, it’s always reassuring to have some ‘go to resources’ to get you through. This is especially so if this is an occasional, rather than a regular task for you. You […]

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Designing a Presentation – How to Connect with Your Audience

Lots of people are nervous about public speaking. Being well prepared is the key way to better manage your nerves and be in control when you’re in the spotlight. Knowing what pushes your buttons can help you design a presentation with real impact. Equally important is knowing what pushes the […]

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How to manage conflict in meetings

How to get Consensus when you have Conflict in a Meeting

Picture this…you’ve got two distinct groups in a meeting and the discussion is going off the rails. You can almost feel the physical ‘jarring’ as people take their own positions and stop listening. You can feel the anxiety growing and your pulse is thumping… How do you help the group […]

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