Month: June 2015

How to Design a Successful Presentation

How to Run a Project Planning Session When You’ve Never Done it Before

Supervisors, Team Leaders and Project Managers… this one’s for you! Picture this… You have just been asked to run a project planning session. You have never facilitated before and don’t know where to start.. People working in teams get dropped into situations like this all the time. And they go […]

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Defensive meeting participants

Rural Leadership Programs in Australia – What’s on Offer?

Here is a brief video presentation that provides a summary of a project I recently undertook to identify leadership programs on offer across remote, rural and regional Australia. The project was initiated by the Foundation for Rural and Regional Renewal. (FRRR) In this presentation you’ll find out how projects are […]

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Facilitation checklist

Facilitation TV – 5 Things You Need to Know Before Agreeing to Facilitate a Workshop

Picture this…the phone rings…you’ve just been asked to facilitate a last minute problem solving workshop… It’s OK, breathe-in and breathe-out slowly, there’s no need to panic. We’ve been there plenty of times and we’re actually starting to get the hang of it. It’s just like looking in your kitchen cupboard […]

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Forage shrubs project insights

Should Cattle and Sheep Eat Small Trees? A Role for Forage Shrubs in Australia.

Insights from a project that tried to understand which forage shrubs species work best and where. The SERCS* project established demonstration sites in three states across Australia. It aimed to help farmers to better identify and understand the establishment methods and management techniques required for successful performance of forage shrubs […]

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Facilitation mistakes

Facilitation TV – What was your most monumental mistake in facilitation?

Working with teams can be tough. As a facilitator, no workshop will ever go 100% to plan. In fact, legendary facilitator, Bob Dick, calls his workshop agenda ‘the fantasy for the day’. In Episode 3 of Facilitation TV my Facilitators Inner Circle colleague, Bevan Bessen and I discuss our own […]

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