Month: August 2014

Don't be a distracted facilitator

Facilitators – Beware of the Shiny Object!

Beware of the Shiny Object I’ve really enjoyed partnering with APEN to run the 2014 Roadshow. This involved delivering ten workshops on ‘Designing Effective Events’ throughout Australia and New Zealand. The workshop helped participants to get their message to ‘stick’ through understanding the basic Adult Learning principles to successfully engage […]

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Tomato sauce and marketing

What tomato sauce can teach you about marketing

Yep it was a moment of stunned amazement as the truth dawned. Picture the scene on Saturday night… Six year old Joel was at our kitchen bench eagerly awaiting his barbequed sausage for tea. He was excited, he was expectant, he was hungry! Then came the earth shattering question…”Do you […]

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