Month: May 2012

Tips for dealing with difficult participants

One of the BIG questions I get asked when running the Crash Course in Facilitation is….”what are your tips for dealing with difficult participants?” Great question – and there’s usually a multi-step answer. The first step is to understand ‘difficult’. Is the participant going out of their way to be […]

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Global facilitation survey

Are you working with groups and teams? Facing challenges? It’s time to talk. This Global Facilitation Survey will bring together the key challenges that facilitators like you are facing right around the world. Please take just 11 minutes of your time to complete the survey. Once done you’ll get instant […]

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Exploration and Discovery in Facilitation and Community Engagement

Thanks for your patience folks – it’ll be worth the wait! In your autumn newsletter you’ll be able to find out more on: My ‘key tip’ for Strategic Planning 101 Stakeholder Mapping in Community Engagement Building your team – getting the ‘Yellow Card’ Social Media and Linked In – is it […]

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Are your promotional efforts being hijacked?

What’s wrong with this scene? I arrive at our local bakery right on 7.00am (its opening time) on a rescue mission. My instructions.. four loaves of white, four loaves of multigrain, both thickly sliced. The door is locked. The girl inside looks at me and continues to put the labels […]

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Outputs from the Effective Promotion workshop

Thanks for coming along to the CRC Cluster Workshop in Pemberton. And a BIG thanks for your fantastic contributions – what talent! I have no doubt that you’re a worthy ‘graduate’ of the “Effective promotion using what’s already in your kitchen cupboard” workshop. The challenge now is for you to set […]

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How to improve your listening

This video from Julian Treasure gives some excellent insights on how to improve your listening skills…and attitudes. Think of how you can apply (and practise) these skills to become a better facilitator! And when you do, let me know how it went – it will make a great article for […]

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