Month: May 2011

Quick tips for promoting your event

Greetings from Walpole where it’s been hammering rain for the last hour – hooray! This week I’m helping regionally-based people to plan and promote their community events. Our first workshop at Tambellup was a fab day, but it would have been even better with more people attending. With another two on […]

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Community Engagement Tips

Need your community group to function more effectively?

Are you involved in a community group? Do you sometimes find it difficult to get your group members working smoothly together? Yes? Well, I have a few ‘hints’ that can help you. Find a way to first understand where everyone is coming from. Get people to talk about what they […]

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A simple way to engage with your ‘community’

There’s a whole host of tools, techniques and processes that we can utilise during community engagement processes. In a recent project it was my role to seek and understand the views of a diverse range of people. Farmers, environmentalists, miners, scientists, councillors and government employees. A bit of a cross-section […]

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Facilitation across cultures

The BIG thing I love about my role is the opportunity to keep on learning! I’ve been a facilitator for 18 years or so and there’s still new things to explore. Recently I’ve been involved in a program assisting farmers across Western Australia to develop strategic plans for their business. Plenty to […]

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